10 Must Watch HWANG JUNG MIN Movies

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post by EonTalk! In today’s content, we will be going over 10 of my favorite Hwang Jung-Min movies.

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As with my other recommendations lists, I’ll be introducing 10 of my favorite movies Hwang Jung-Min starred in. I won’t be including a detailed synopsis, but will just be giving a short description of the film. Also, the movies were ranked according to my sole opinion, and are totally biased towards my opinions. Only movies that I’ve personally seen will be included in this list. Okay then, let’s get right into today’s list of my favorite Hwang Jung-Min movies.


Starting off the list, the #10 film is the 2017 action drama, <The Battleship Island>.

Directed by Ryu Seung-Wan, who also directed <Veteran>, <The Berlin File>, <The Unjust>, and <Crying Fist>, <The Battleship Island> starred Hwang Jung-Min, So Ji-Sub, Song Joong-Ki, Lee Jung-Hyun, and Kim Soo-Ahn. The movie takes place during the Japanese colonial era, where roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto the Battleship Island to mine for coal, attempt to make a dramatic escape.


The next movie is another action drama that was released in 2013, <Fists of Legends>.

<Fists of Legend> was directed by Kang Woo-Seok, the director of the films <Glove>, <Moss>, and <Silmido>, and starred Hwang Jung-Min, Yoon Jun-Sang, Lee Yo-Won, Yoon Je-Moon, Jung Woong-In, and Sung Ji-Roo. This is a pretty unknown film, but I definitely had a good time watching it. The movie is about three old friends and rivals that are invited to take part in a hit TV show, wherein which they fight for redemption.


Next, the #8 film is a fairly recent movie, releasing in 2018, <The Spy Gone North>.

Directed by Yoon Jong-Bin, who’s famous for directing <KUNDO : Age of the Rampant>, <Nameless Gangster : Rules of Time>, and <Beastie Boys>, <The Spy Gone North> received good reviews by critics. I personally thought the movie was a little too slow for my taste, but there’s no denying in the talent the film had. Alongside Hwang Jung-Min were other amazing actors Lee Sung-Min, Cho Jin-Woong, and Ju Ji-Hoon, and as you can expect with this lineup, the acting was absolutely phenomenal. The movie is set in the mid-1990s, where a loyal South Korean secret agent is caught in a political vortex plotted by the ruling classes of North and South Korea.


Moving along, the #7 movie is the most recent film on this list, <Deliver Us From Evil>.

This crime action film was directed by Hong Won-Chan, the director of <Office>, and had an amazing cast lineup of Lee Jung-Jae, Park Jung-Min, and Park So-Yi. It was so good to see Hwang Jung-Min reunited with Lee Jung-Jae after <New World>, one of my favorite Korean movies of all time, and Park Jung-Min put on one of the best performances in this. <Deliver Us From Evil> was about an assassin that goes to Thailand in order to solve a kidnapping case linked to him, and finds himself being chased by the man of a brother he killed. I have a review of this film, so if you would like more details, check out the review. I’ll leave links to all reviews in the descriptions down below.


The #6 movie is the 2016 crime comedy, <A Violent Prosecutor>.

Directed by Lee Il-Hyung, who has another movie releasing titled <Remember>, <A Violent Prosecutor> starred Kang Dong-Won, Lee Sung-Min, and Park Sung-Woong, alongside Hwang Jung-Min. To give a brief background story about the film, when a prosecution lawyer is framed and convicted for murder, he tries to catch the real murderer from within the prison walls with the help of a con artist.


Coming in at #5 of my list of favorite Hwang Jung-Min movies is the oldest film on this list, <The Unjust>.

This crime drama was directed by Ryu Seung-Wan, who was mentioned earlier for directing <The Battleship Island>, and starred Ryu Seung-Bum and Yoo Hae-Jin, alongside Hwang Jung-Min. This movie really set the standard for good crime movies, and is considered as one of the best by a lot of people. In the movie, when the most probable serial killer suspect dies and the case looks like it’s reached a dead end, the police decide to create and make up a killer.


Moving onto the #4 spot, the #4 movie is the 2014 film, <Ode to My Father>.

This is one of the most emotional movies out of Korean cinema, and was directed by Yoon Je-Kyun, who’s other works includes <Tidal Wave>, <Sex is Zero>, and an upcoming movie titled <Hero>. <Ode to My Father> is a family film starring Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Yoon-Jin, Oh Dal-Su, and Jung Jin-Young, and takes place during the time of the Korean War. When a young boy and his family are separated from the father, the boy vows to take care of his family, and he does whatever he can to fulfill that promise.


Next, the #3 movie is the 2015 crime-action-drama,  <Veteran>.

This is another film directed by Ryu Seung-Wan, who’s coming up for the third time now. Clearly, we can see he and Hwang Jung-Min have great chemistry. Along with Hwang Jung-Min were Yoo Ah-In, Yoo Hae-Jin, Oh Dal-Su, and Jang Yoon-Ju that were a part of the cast, and the film is about an honest cop seeking justice for a common man, and a rich boy seeking revenge on the cop.


And now, just two movies left. The #2 movie is a new genre on this list, being mystery-thriller, <The Wailing>

Directed by Na Hong-Jin, who’s done other amazing works such as <The Yellow Sea> and <The Chaser>, <The Wailing> starred Kwak Do-Won, Kunimura Jun, Chun Woo-Hee, and Kim Hwan-Hee. This is one of the best movies that came out of Korean cinema the past 5 years. And in the movie, when strange things start happening to a town after an unknown man moves there, the villagers start to link the events to the new man, and strange and mysterious events play out.


And finally, the #1 Hwang Jung-Min movie. If you’ve been watching EonTalk videos, I think you can guess which movie is my favorite Hwang Jung-Min film. The #1 movie is <New World>.

Ahh yes, <New World>. <New World> is a crime film, which as you can tell by now, is one of Hwang Jung-Min’s best genres. The movie was directed by Park Hoon-Jung, who also directed <The Witch Pt.1>, <VIP>, <The Tiger>, and <Night in Paradise>, and is known to be siting in the director’s seat once more for the sequels to <The Witch> and <New World>. I’m so looking forward to the second parts to <The Witch> and <New World>… Anyways, alongside Hwang Jung-Min were other phenomenal actors in <New World> such as Lee Jung-Jae, Choi Min-Shik, Park Sung-Woong, and Song Ji-Hyo. I can’t express how great everything about this movie was, and if you haven’t seen this yet, this is a must-watch. The movie is about an undercover cop inside an extremely large company, that’s more like an organized gang, and I’ll just leave it at that. Watch this if you haven’t, and even if you have, watch it again.

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And that’s it for today’s content on 10 Must Watch Hwang Jung-Min Movies. I sincerely do thank everyone that read til the end, and if you would like to further communicate with me, as well as other K-movie fans, join the EonTalk Telegram. Also, support me on Patreon if you would like to help me make more diverse content!

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  1. Ceritanya ringan, gak bikin ousing, dan itu memotivasi bgt apalagi buat yang punya trauma untuk lepas dari traumanya, dan di film ini bener bener nunjukkin segimana multitalesnt nya chanyeol, dia ralper tapi suaranya beuhhhhh bagus bangettt, dia bisa nyanyiin yang nada rendah maupun tinggi, aktinya chanyeol? Gak usah diraguinagi kuerennnn, pemain yang lain gak kalah kerennnn, mana banyak aktor yang udah terkenal akan kualitasnya lagi, gak bakal nyesel kalo nonton inj, ini tentang real life banget, ditonton sama keluarga juga cocok, tadi saya juga nontonnya bareng keluarga, bapak saya yang biasanya kalo nonton bioskop suka ketiduran aja tadi gak tidur sama sekali, wajib si ditonton, luv bgt ❤️

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